Beautiful platinum palladium prints of classic nudes & still-life tintypes by Chicago based fine art photographer Ted Preuss.

Ted Preuss Photography

Platinum Print - Ted PreussPomegranate - Ted PreussPlatinum Print - Ted PreussWither - Ted PreussClassic Nude - Ted PreussPlatinum Leaf - Ted PreussOasis of Mara - Ted PreussMagnolias - Ted PreussPlatinum Print by Ted PreussPinhole Photography - Ted PreussMuir Woods - Ted PreussClock by Ted PreussArtistic Nude - Ted Preuss

Art and photography have always played a large part in my life. I work solely in black and white using traditional techniques, including large format view cameras with century old lenses. I chose platinum palladium and wet-plate collodion processes as a medium for their distinct qualities. Photography has become the primary method of expressing my creative vision.

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Ted Preuss is a fine art black and white photographer, specializing in platinum prints & tintypes. Subjects include artistic nudes, figurative, landscape, seascape, and still-life.